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About Farmerce
Farmerce is a new way to buy and sell agricultural inputs. The Farmerce platform is the first of its kind; an unbiased, and open marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. Farmerce was developed to serve a rapidly growing group of progressive growers and grower buying groups as well as aggressive sellers of agri chemicals.
Farmerce uses a unique e-commerce approach to give each one of its' members access to the most powerful way to purchase agri chemicals.
There are two major issues in today’s system of buying and selling ag inputs that Farmerce solves.
Growers and grower buying groups are limited to traditional retail, brokers, and online retailers to try and save money on agricultural chemicals. Traditional retail controls margins by agreeing to “loyalty agreements” with major manufacturers, limiting access to other suppliers of chemicals that are the same active and same concentration of the higher cost branded products. Brokers offer savings over retail but still have the expense of inventory, warehousing, trucks, and a staff that have to be covered in the margin of products sold. Online retailers have financial constraints similar to brokers. They also own inventory, have warehouses, and staff that add to the needed margin. Farmerce owns no product, no warehouses, no trucks, and only minimal support staff. Manufacturers, distributors, and large brokers want access directly to the end user, but have no way of reaching this group without fear of upsetting the major retailers in the business. Farmerce keeps both its buyers and sellers anonymous. Sellers gain access to any buyer looking for products and are able to sell to them anonymously. Buying using Farmerce allows access to an open market where you drive the demand. Selling using Farmerce gives you a simple, hands off, and anonymous way to expand your market to sell more chemicals.

Agronomist Farmer
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