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Farming Field

Buyers and Sellers


  • All buyers of crop protection products are welcome in our system.

  • Our goal is to offer you one of the largest networks of sellers at the push of a button.

  • We take the hassle out of price shopping for ag chemicals




    • We handle all shipping, which is included in the price you see either on the bidding side or the Clearinghouse side of Farmerce.

    • You will have one contact with Farmerce that can work on your behalf to source from a large network of sellers.

Purchasing through the Clearinghouse:

  • On the Clearinghouse, buyers list products that are immediately available to purchase.  

Farmerce Bidding

  • Buyers can make a request and have sellers place a bid on that open request. The request is open for 7 days. You can accept or reject bids in the system. All prices are as shown. No hidden fees. 

Our Sellers are invited into the system. If you would like to be considered for a seller on Farmerce please email

We work closely with a network of sellers across the US. Our sellers consist of manufacturers, distribution, retail, and other resellers. 

At Farmerce we take pride in our connections and relationships that set our unique business model apart from our competition. As a seller on Farmerce you can be comfortable knowing the following: 

  • You will always remain anonymous to the sellers

  • We blind ship all loads no names or addresses are given out.

  • Generics are listed as active and concentration only to add to the goal of remaining anonymous.

  • Your contact will be with Farmerce only and the seller will only contact Farmerce

  • Farmerce handles the shipping hassle

  • We arrange the pickup so you can be comfortable listing product FOB your warehouse.

  • Farmerce will communicate all shipping details to you and you will assume no shipping cost.

  • Farmerce sends money quick We immediately invoice sellers after transactions and require an ACH or a wire transfer before we arrange shipping. When product ships we release these funds from our holding account so you do not have to offer terms or worry about invoicing


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