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What is Farmerce?

Farmerce is a digital platform developed for growers and grower buying groups to be able to connect to vendors online throughout the ag industry for ag chemical inputs. There are two ways to buy through Farmerce; The Clearinghouse, where sellers have posted products available to buy: And Farmerce Bidding, where the buyer places requests that sellers will bid on. 

What if product is damaged?
The seller agrees in their seller agreement that the product is in good condition and agrees to regulatory compliance prior to shipping. The buyer should inspect the product at time of delivery and indicate any issues on the freight companies paperwork with the driver.

How do I sign up?

You can register for Farmerce at

  • Anyone can register for free as a buyer. Simply select Register on the home page and follow the directions.

  • Sellers are by invite-only and will need to send a request by email to

Are there any fees on top of the prices I see?

No the price that you see is the price you pay. Farmerce will allow you to calculate shipping and our processing fees will already be in the price you see. We do not hide anything or add it additional fees later. 

What Payment options are available?

You will receive an invoice from Aglink, Farmerce's Payment Processor. 

You will be able to pay via ACH, Wire Transfer, of Credit Cards (fees apply)

How do I know my Payment is secure?

Farmerce does not store any financial information.

When you make a payment for products on the site we move the funds into an escrow account. After the product is delivered to you we then release the funds to the seller. 

What if I have performance issues with the chemicals I buy on Farmerce?

  • All products have a manufacturer that will handle performance complaints according to their company performance agreement. This does not mean they all will handle the situation the same way.

  • Farmerce has no responsibility for the product performance or handling of the product performance complaints from manufacturers since we are only an ag digital platform that connects buyers and sellers in the ag industry.

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